A trip to the countryside

In Ljungby there are many opportunities to really experience the "true country life". Visit a farm shop, purchase fine ingredients, be around farm animals or take a family trip with multiple stops along the way. The countryside in Ljungby offers things that are suitable for both children and adults.

Take a local excursion at Kasteberg farm shop in Össlöv

At Kasteberg farm you can meet farm animals and purchase fine, locally produced food. Select from beef, free range eggs, cheesecake, honey, potatoes, vegetables, apple juice, jam, ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt, hand-molded candles made of 100% stearic and other crafts such as doll clothing and children's clothing.

Here you can get acquainted with piglets, chickens of various breeds, chickens, cows and calves, rabbits, cats and dogs. Not only do you get to look at the animals, but also embrase them and pat them if you dare. And you can see how to work with large and small agricultural machinery. How to work in the woods and the fields. Have a look into the warehouse and the barn and see several interestin thing that belongs to the peasant life. This is a must-see-stop for families with kids. 

At the farm you can also find an old soldier hut. Walk in to the small hut and have a look at how the soldiers lived in two rooms that included bedroom, kitchen, nursery, workshop to spin and weave and repairing clothes and shoes. The hut were often also the home for a rather large amount of children. 

In the small village Össlöv you can also visit the largest stone excursion in Småland, which lies along the road to Kasteberg farm. At the farm shop you will also find a copy of the oldest folding knife in Sweden.

If you want more tips of trips and interesting places to visit around Kasteberg you can ask the staff at the farm shop.

More information about the Farm shop in Kasteberg

"The family trip"

Are you interesting in seeing the nature, making a trip by car or bike we strongly recommend you our own "Family Trip". Here you get a bunch of tips for little places you can visit around Ljungby. The family trip is a perfect choise for families with kids who want to make short stops at different places or take a whole day explopring Ljungby. 

This trip is a great guide if you want to visit our museums, farm shops, Moose parks, flea markets or why not try Geocaching? It's a perfect way to really get a good look at our lovely nature and countryside and at the same time get good tips on where the places-you-can't-miss lies. 

At the tourist center, you can get a map of the trip stuffed with infomation and directions for the different stops along the trip. Or you can also see it online right here.

Sälleberg's farm

Sälleberg's farm is a very cozy and rustic farm shop in Ryssby. In the shop you will find beautiful lambskin, seat cushions, boas, fur collars, shawls, scarves, gloves and socks, just to name a few. You also have the chance to buy pieces of frozen lamb, smoked and fresh frozen Rainbow trout as well as Sea trout. All the meat comes from the shop's own animals. Visitors can also pat the cute lambs who runs around right next to the farm.

More information about Sälleberg's farm