Fishing in Ljungby

Fishing in our seas and streams is relaxing as well as exciting with the surrounding peaceful and untouched nature.
Sit on a bridge, rent a boat and sail around lakes, float in a canoe - many various opportunities are at your disposal.

Bolmsö, båt, fiske, Ljungby

Go fishing in Lake Bolmen

Lake Bolmen is one of Sweden's biggest lakes with rich of pike fish and walleye fish. In addition, you can find many bridges to fish or place your boat at, which also is accessible to people with disabilities.


Fishing opportunities in Ljungby are almost endless. You can fish quietly and peacefully in some of our many lakes and you can fly-fish in the middle of Ljungby Center. The choice is yours. The river Lagan, which flow through Ljungby municipality, offer a varied and easily accessible fishing year round. This is one of Swedens richest fishing water where you can catch a lot of fish (for example: salmon, perch, rainbow trout and roach crowding). The municipality has a large number of lakes suitable for fishing, both sport fishing and recreational fishing.

Skylt fiskekort.

There are specific rules and regulations concerning equipment and fish for different lakes. Remember that you need a fishing license in order to enjoy this opportunity. Contact the tourist information office in Ljungby for more information on where to buy a fishing license. At the office you can also rent a lifejacket, which costs 20 SEK per day or 60 SEK a week or rent lifejackets at the rescue service in Ljungby, tel. +46 (0) 372-78 91 70.


Fiske. Foto: Smålandsbilder.

Read more about fishing in Ljungby municipality in our fishing guide.
Fishing guide (PDF)

We wish you good luck!

Buy a map

We have a map over the most lakes in the area at the tourist office for you who are going out with a boat or paddle. The sportfishing store in Ljungby or Lagan also have these maps in their assortment.

Rent life jackets

At the tourist office you get the chance to rent a life jacket for the whole family. Rent a day or week, cost per life jacket is 20 SEK/day or 60 SEK/week.