Bike and hike in Ljungby

Find beautiful trails both in the city and the surrounding area. With wonderful nature and incredible sights, Ljungby has something for everyone!


Banvallsleden (The embankment trail) 

Runs from the Western sea to the Baltic sea, from Halmstad through Ljungby and ends in Karlshamn. The trail runs along an old railway embankment through a variable landscape. Banvallsleden connects two seas and many tourism areas. It passes through some 40 railway stations, more or less intact. The tourist bureau sells maps with detailed route description and information about the service that can be obtained along the track. Read more at


Bolmen runt (The lake Bolmen circuit)

Bolmen runt is a gorgeous cyclingtour that runs along the lakeshore as well as the deep forests with many great picnic locations. The tour can easily be divided into a few day-trips with accommodation at various B&B's or campgrounds.


Ljungby municipality has a lot of good trails to offer, both in the city and the surrounding area. There are many beautiful nature reserves, with great hiking possibilities through an astonishing landscape. Pack a picnic basket, go out there and enjoy.


Hälsans Stig (The health trail)

Hälsans stig run along the river Lagan. You will be able to find a lot of information about Ljungby and the river Lagan along the trail.

Map Hälsans stig (pdf) 


Bergastigen in Lagan

These three trails run through the town of Lagan and the landscape around it. 

Map Bergastigen


50 km trail around Lake Unnen

Take the bike or go hiking around Lake Unnen. You'll find accomondation in Lidhult, Odensjö and Unnaryd. 

Hike and bike around the lake Unnen 

The Nature Reserves

Ljungby municipalities offers a wide variety of beautiful and interesting nature reserves of different character well worth a visit. You'll find everything from ridges, flower mountains and beech woods to lakes, marshes and bogs.

Many of the reserves has marked paths and some even information boards with maps.

It is forbidden to camp, make fires, pick flowers or disturbing the animals in the nature reserves since they are meant to protect the plant- and wildlife species that exists there naturally.