Tourist route Riksettan

Welcome to a road that is always open for you. Not only is it fantastic to be on, with it's many beautiful turns and views - this road has a very old history, from the early beginning of civilization in Sweden to the late 60's.

Sagomuseet, ljungby, visitljungby

Discover our museums

Learn about the famous artist Sven Ljungberg or pay a visit to the Museums of Legends, where both adults and children can enjoy learning about the stories and tales from the old and sometimes scary Småland.

Tutaryds kyrka.

A glimpse of the past

Interested in old things, ancient remains and old churches? In the municipality of Ljungby we have remains from basically all ages. From when the Vikings roamed in Småland to when our grandparents lived.

Right of public access

Don’t disturb – don’t destroy! That is the basic principle of Sweden´s right of public acces. The rule gives you a lot of freedom. But it also means that you have a large responsibility towards the environment, wildlife and the owner of the ground you’re on.