Welcome to the tourist route Riksettan

An enjoyable journey along a historical route through a dynamic countryside.

Riksettan, turistväg, från jönköping till Örkelljunga
Gravfält vid Toftaholm, Foto Carl-Magnus Gripenhed

Drive through the landscapes of Skåne and Småland

From Örkelljunga in Skåne to Jönköping in Småland, a drive on approximately 200km. Beautiful countryside and valuable culture. You´ll discover several beautiful parts of the route, which are perfect for exploring on a bike or a motorbike or just in your car with the windows down. Not far from the road you will find many places of great natural and cultural value. Get your map in the touristoffice in Ljungby, or in the other tourist offices of Örkelljunga, Markaryd, Vaggeryd, Värnamo and Jönköping.

Along the way you'll see lots of remains from the Iron age, a time when the vikings lived in the municipality. The graveyards of this violent people now lies quiet for you to visit when driving through the municipality of Ljungby. However, the road itself was in fact one of Swedens most important roads, it was the fastest way to travel from the south to the north of Sweden. Up until the 70's this road was the main road here in Sweden. Alongside it an even older road existed, dating back to when hunters roamed in Sweden, after the ice-sheet that had covered Sweden in hundreds of thousands of years had pulled back.