Common questions and answers

Here we have compiled some of the most common questions we receive.

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Does it cost anything to park in Ljungby?

It is free to park in Ljungby, but you need a parking discs at most of the parking places. The parking discs is available at the tourist office or in the mailbox outside the tourist office.


Where can I find public toilets in Ljungby?
There is a public toilet at Stationsgatan in Ljungby. It is free to visit the toilet and the toilet is open around the clock, everyday of the year and consists of one regular toilet and one accessibility adapted toilet.

Which are the biggest museums in Ljungby?

Ljungbergmuseet: Art museum with art from Sven Ljungberg and Ann Margret Dahlqvist-Ljungberg, several major exhibitions in collaboration with other art museums.

Sagomuseet: Sagomuseet can be described as the Fairytale Museum or the Museum of legends. Sagomuseet brings the oral narrative tradition in Sweden to life. The Museum is a fun and exciting museum for both children and adults.

Ljungby Museum: Here you can follow the history of Ljungby. Here you can find a unique collection of hanging paintings, The Sjölinska salon and a separate department dedicated to Kristina Nilsson.

Begravningsmuseet: This is a Funeral Museum, that displays the rituals that takes place during death and burial during the 17th and 18th century. 

What can you do with your children? 
Actually, the only thing that sets the limits here is your own imagination, but popular things among the kids tend to be the Moose Parks where you can see the king of the forest or perhaps the organic farm in Skifteryd with different animals and in the summer we also have nice garden cafés. During the summer, Ljungby also offer you many opportunites to swin in our many lakes. If you prefer to swim indoors, there is Sunnerbohallen which is a swimming and sportcenter with indoor pools and waterslides. In Lagan there is a playground or Play Park for kids who want's to play indoors and around Ljungby there are several nice playgrounds outdoors. Or maybe you just want to go out in the nature and have a lovely picnic! Another thing that is very appreciated by both children and adults is to follow the Sagomuseum's Legend of places around Ljungby. Experience all of Småland's legends and tales in an exciting and close to nature way.


What can you do around the lake Bolmen?
Bolmen is Sweden's 10th largest lake and it offers a lot more than just swimming and fishing, although many people use Bolmen for fishing, mainly pike, zander and perch. The nature around Bolmen offers many things to occupy yourself with. For example you can hike in one of the nature reserves or around the entire lake along the Bolmen Marsch and perhaps you want to ride your bike around Bolmen. You can also rent a boat and cruise around among the 365 islands, or paddle a canoe. If you want to, you then have the chance to paddle and follow Lagaleden all the way to the west coast of Sweden. If you would like to ride your motorcycle or just have a trip with your car, the roads around Bolmen is very suitable for that. 

Which Fishing cards can I buy at the tourist center? 
At the tourist center you can buy Fishing cards for Bolmen, Kösen, Lagan/Skålån, Lagan/Hamneda, Vidöstern, Hängasjön, Bräkentorp, Torpa, Hjärtanässjön, Furen and Tjurken. 

What accommodation options are available?
Ljungby offers several accommodation aoptions, hotels, hostels, Bed & Breakfast, camping or cabin, the choices are great. On our website under Stay you will find several options. If you need help finding your stay, give us a call! 



Turistbyrån i Ljungby.

At the Tourist center in Ljungby you will find information and brochures about Sweden in general. We welcome you in to the tourist center to see if we have what you seek.