Helge å, Ljungby, Älmhult, paddla

Canoeing in River Helge

This trail is an ideal route for paddling even if you are a beginner in it! The trail goes through the Municipality of Ljungby leading down towards and through Lake Möckeln in the Municipality of Älmhult.

Bolmen. Foto Patrik Leonardsson

Paddle in Lake Bolmen

You will find Bolmen rich of lakes numbering over 365 lakes, the biggest of which is named Bolmsö. So, row your paddles through Bolmsö and let yourself rest at its quay after your paddling adventure, why!

Rent life jackets

At the tourist office you get the chance to rent a life jacket for the whole family. Rent a day or week, cost per life jacket is 20 SEK/day or 60 SEK/week.